it's baaaack!!!!!!!!

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what the fuck is this?

this is a site about my life i started about 2 years ago....i was bored...found freeservers...started a site.

2 years, wow that's a long time. how often do you update?

in the beginning i updated everyday.then it went to every week, then month, and it just kinda tapered off. last fall i closed the site temporarily because i had too much going on.this summer my comp broke down, so i didn't do anything then either. now i finally have internet again, so i decided to update. oh, and my site went through a phase of being on too, but that died.

who are you?

i'm danielle. i sometimes go by dan, but don't call me dani or i'll kill you. if you wanna know more, go to the profile page thingy.



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